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Brazil Venture Capital

Who we are

We invest in early stage tech startups from Latin America, focusing on pre-seed or seed rounds. We have an agnostic investment thesis regarding industry, and we look for high potential entrepreneurs, scalable business models and diverse teams.

Vision and History

Brazil Venture Capital was born in 2014 with the aim of supporting Brazilian startups and contributing to the growth of a better ecosystem, creating an ideal situation for entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

Many startups are supported by angel investors and/or accelerators at very early stages. However, not every startup can make make that "big jump" on their own, just by receiving larger investments from venture capital funds.

Brazil Venture Capital focuses on this decisive phase for the success of a business. Working together with entrepreneurs to contact potential clients; design growth strategies; develop financial plans for subsequent investment rounds; and helping to recruit new team members.

Additionally, the BVC network offers the opportunity to expand operations to the US, Europe and Asia.

BVC Team

Venture Partner


Venture Partner



Venture Partner


    Liliana Barck

Venture Partner


Venture Partner

(Costa Rica)

Investment Thesis


  • Long-term vision
  • Clear plan to achieve the long-term vision
  • Capabilities to execute the plan
  • Strong motivational experience (why is he/she doing this)


  • Relevant skill and experience
  • Well defined leadership and responsibilities

Preferred startup topics

  • Empowerment
  • Digital consumer
  • Digitization and Automation

Business model

  • Genuine value proposition
  • Clear profit and direct contribution
  • Well-defined monetization model and economic motivator
  • Great potential market


  • Expanding business
  • Customer segment to be attacked well identified (at least hypothetically)
  • Social trend (for example, regulation, change of technical platform ...)

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