Introduction | Start-up companies from Japan (Health care/for Elderly)

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Today, we would like to introduce noted start-up company for Health care/Elderly, There are 2 backgrounds of today’s topic: Several Institutions is interested in finding out opportunities for the advancement of Japanese start-up in these genres The average age in Brazil is 31 years old so it is young. From now on, there will be a lot of chances of such genres for the near future (average age in Japan: 48.4 years old). Today, we are focusing on below points in order to pick up start-ups There are many products to approach for Brazil market(It Become Low barrier for advance) Enough experiences in Japan. Ex) Award of contest / Introduction … Conteúdo

News | Brazilian Net Venture Locaweb Did IPO – with Market Value at 30 Times of Net Profit

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News abstract Locaweb, which operates a website in Brazil, is listed on the Brazilian stock exchange (BOVESPA). The listing raises US $ 325 million and the market value is estimated at US $ 650 million (about 30 times the company’s projected net profit for 2020). The company wants to spend half of the proceeds on cash and M & A. He suggested the possibility of M & A with 107 companies and revealed that he had already contacted 36 companies. Brazil is showing growth in Internet-related businesses. In this blog, we would like to think about the aim of listing Locaweb and the background of other companies listing in the … Conteúdo

Forum Review vol.7 | Shota Kawaminami, HENNGE

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In the forum newsletter vol.1, we covered the whole picture of the forum and Opening Remarks by Brazil Venture Capital. From vol.2 onwards, we will provide a series of 18 sessions. In this issue, we will introduce a session of “Japanese Startup Market” by Shota Kawaminami, from HENNGE! HENNGE – Shota Kawaminami   Session Abstract In Japan, government-led “work style reform” is being promoted, and the demand for IT infrastructure development is increasing so that anyone can work safely anytime and anywhere via the Internet. In this session, Mr. Kawaminami, the executive officer of the investment division of HENNGE, who has been quick to address such needs, discussed the company’s … Conteúdo

Forum Review vol.6 | Eisuke Tokiwa, Amegumi

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-Notice- The 3rd Brazil Japan Startup Forum will be on 14-Feb in Tokyo! Check the detail (in Japanese) The forum newsletter vol.1 features the whole picture of the forum and Opening Remarks by Brazil Venture Capital. From vol.2 onwards, we will provide a series of 18 sessions. This is a Japanese startup session by Eisuke Tokiwa, Amegumi (Startup of US$35 smartphone with original OS)! Session presented by Eisuke Tokiwa, CEO of Amegumi About Amegumi | “Blaze Your Destiny – Helping the social vulnerable through digital services” Amegumi was founded in 2016. CEO Tokiwa specializes in marketing and data analysis, and has experience with three startups. Based on his experience of … Conteúdo

Forum Review vol.5 | Eduardo Goerl, ARPAC

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The forum newsletter vol.1 featured the whole picture of the forum and Opening Remarks by Brazil Venture Capital. From vol.2 onwards, we will provide a series of 18 sessions. This is a session of Agritech in Brazil by ARPAC (startup of agricultural drone) Eduardo Goerl! Agritech session by Mr. Eduardo Goerl of ARPAC   Company profile “Optimizing agriculture with drones” ARPAC was founded in 2016 to solve pain points such as the inefficiency of pesticide spraying. The company owns the hardware (drone) as well as the software (drone flight control system) and the framework (software core code). They provide services to global companies such as BASF, Coopercitrus, Raízen, and Syngenta … Conteúdo

Forum Review vol.4 | Yasuyuki Hamada, Agri Info Desigh

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The forum newsletter vol.1 features the whole picture of the forum and Opening Remarks by Brazil Venture Capital. From vol.2 onwards, we will provide a series of 18 sessions. This time is for the Agritech’s session by Mr. Hamada, Agri Info Design! Agritech session by Mr. Hamada, Founder/CEO of Agri Info Design, Ltd.   Company overview “Supporting the Agricultural Field with IT” Agri Info Design (AID) was founded in April 2014. In addition to developing and consulting software related to computerization and automation of agricultural machinery for companies and organizations, we also provide farmers with IT systems useful for agricultural work. The headquarters is located in Obihiro city in Tokachi … Conteúdo

Forum Review vol.2 | Soki Ohmae, Drone Fund

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In the Forum Review vol.1, we covered the whole picture of the forum and Opening Remarks session by us, Brazil Venture Capital. From vol.2 onwards, we will deliver series of 18 sessions by guest speakers. This time, we would like to pick up “Envisioning a Drone-Enabled Future Society” by Soki Ohmae, Drone Fund! “Envisioning a Drone-Enabled Future Society” by Mr. Ohmae   Corporate profile “Aim for Altitude” The Drone Fund, a Japanese venture capital specialized in drone industry, was established with the philosophy of contributing to the development of drones and air mobility technologies in the world. Large Japanese companies and investors participate through LP investment. Drone Fund I raised US$15M … Conteúdo

Breaking News | Loggi needs work contracts with US$7.2M

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News Summary The Brazilian court ordered a Brazilian delivery app Loggi to formalize its work relationships with all the motorcycle drivers working for Loggi in Brazil. in the country, according to a release on 6 December. The court has also required Loggi to pay US$7.2M in compensation.   Unfair competition by absence of work relationships? Approximately 15,000 drivers work for Loggi in the country. Loggi became a unicorn with a market value of US$1B in June, after raising US$150M investment by SoftBank and Microsoft etc.. In the sentence, Labor judge Lvia Lacerda Menendez stated that Loggi promotes unfair competition since the absence of employment relationship exemptions the company from paying taxes and … Conteúdo

“CASE 2019” | Exhibition Report

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Event summary We visited the “CASE”, a South American startup exhibition held in Sao Paulo for two days from November 28th to 29th. This year, the 6th meeting collected +150 companies and discussions and networking on the startup ecosystem in Latam. Exhibition features It should be a sense of scale. There was a wide variety of contents that did not bothered visitors, such as panel discussions at large venues, subcommittees at small venues, and exhibitions at individual booths (coworking office companies, incubators, ventures mainly on fintech, etc.). In the panel discussion, for example, “What will be the works that AI will replace?” was  also topic, as a globally common concern. … Conteúdo

Breaking News | Softbank Led US$150M Investment in Argentina

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News summary Softbank accelerates in Latam. Ualá, an Argentine startup of personal finance management app, has raised a US$150M for Series-C led by SoftBank’s Latin America-focused Innovation Fund and Tencent. (Reference: Tech Crunch’s article on 25 Nov. 2019)   Who is Ualá? Ualá is the startup that provides a mobile banking app and lending platform with services similar to those of Revolut, Monzo and Nubank. However Ualá has no orientation to actually become a bank itself. Founder and CEO Pierpaolo Barbieri, a Buenos Aires native and Harvard University graduate, says his ambition was to create a platform that would bring all financial services into one app linked to one card. As it exists … Conteúdo