Forum Review vol.9 l Francisco Jardim, SP Ventures

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In the news from the forum vol.1, we covered the whole picture of the forum and Opening Remarks by Brazil Venture Capital. From vol.2 onwards, we will provide a series of 18 sessions. In this chapter, we would review a session on “Agritech Market in Brazil” by SP Ventures Francisco Jardim! SP Ventures, Mr. Francisco Jardim (left side) and Brazil Venture Capital, Nakayama CEO   Session summary As in the Brazil Venture Capital’s blog we showed some reports like the development of large-scale agriculture and agritech in Brazil, investment in ARPAC from Japanese drone funds, entering into Brazilian market by Japanese agritech – Agri Info Design, agriculture is particularly noted … Conteúdo

Guest speakers vol.7 – Francisco Jardim, SP Ventures

We are privileged to invite you for the Brazil Japan Startup Forum 2019 in Sao Paulo, on 22 Nov. (Fri). With guests from Japan and Brazil, it would be a beneficial opportunity to approach noticeable startups and businesses. Please visit here to register. In this blog, we are honored to introduce our guests of the forum.   Mr. Francisco Jardim Co-founder & Managing Director of SP Ventures   Francisco Jardim   Francisco Jardim, is a co-founder & managing director at São Paulo Ventures (SPV), the leading agtech venture firm in Latin America. He has led 34 deep tech venture investments and sat on over 20 management boards. He currently sits … Conteúdo