“CASE 2019” | Exhibition Report

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Event summary We visited the “CASE”, a South American startup exhibition held in Sao Paulo for two days from November 28th to 29th. This year, the 6th meeting collected +150 companies and discussions and networking on the startup ecosystem in Latam. Exhibition features It should be a sense of scale. There was a wide variety of contents that did not bothered visitors, such as panel discussions at large venues, subcommittees at small venues, and exhibitions at individual booths (coworking office companies, incubators, ventures mainly on fintech, etc.). In the panel discussion, for example, “What will be the works that AI will replace?” was  also topic, as a globally common concern. … Conteúdo

Brazil-Japan Open Innovation Meeting: Conference report

Conference summary On November 18, we participated in the “Brazil-Japan Open Innovation Meeting” sponsored by the Innovation Research Society, which I also serve as an executive committee. This is the 4th meeting this year following the event at KPMG & Distrito Leap last month. With the cooperation of leading startup companies, accelerators / VCs, it was a great opportunity to get tips and connections for collaboration between venture and large companies. Approximately 100 participants listened enthusiastically to each company’s presentations and panel discussions.   Presentation by Brazil Venture Capital   In our presentation, we argued progress of Brazil Venture Capital, examples of initiatives in agritech with ARPAC and Agricultural Information … Conteúdo

AgroBIT Brasil 2019: Conference report

Conference summary of AgroBIT 2019 For two days from November 12th to 13th, we participated in “AgroBIT Brasil 2019“, one of the largest agri-tech conferences in Brazil, sponsored by the local government of Parana State (supported by other agricultural companies, etc.). Continuing from last year, +2,500 participants from about 100 cities and +70 agri-tech companies gathered for active networking with aiming further innovation in smart farming.   Brazil Venture Capital joined a panel discussion on “International Ecosystem and Fund in Agri-tech”. We exchanged opinions with Mr. Tsumanuma of Smart Value Investment, who served as the moderator, etc. on the international ecosystems of the agri-tech, market opportunity in Brazil, and challenges … Conteúdo